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  • M.R.P: 145 (Inclusive of all taxes)
    • Himalayan pink salt offers a variety of advantages, including improved digestion, increased immunity, weight loss, lowered stress levels, and good skin.
    • Pink salt, which is rich in minerals, is one of the healthiest salts on the planet and is highly recommended by physicians and nutritionists.
    • Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron are just a few of the minerals and trace elements that are present.
    • Himalayan rock salt is completely natural, tastes fantastic, and functions similarly to table salt.
    • It has an earthy flavor that brings out the natural flavors and is an excellent seasoning, grilling, roasting, and cooking ingredient.
    • Pink salt is brought to your kitchen straight from the pristine mountain ranges where it was mined.

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  • M.R.P: 80150 (Inclusive of all taxes)
    • It is unrefined & organic, good for your health and energy.
    • Unrefined sugar is manufactured in a crusher by removing the water and molasses from sugarcane juice.
    • Instead of artificial coloring, brown sugar is given natural molasses additionally.
    • Organic farming is done without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.
    • A beneficial alternative that is also nutritious.
    • The nutrient-dense raw sugar has a rich flavor, a potent scent, and a fine texture.
    • A fantastic sweetener for baked goods like cookies and brownies.
    • To ensure effective transportation during the supply and delivery processes, the packaging is done hygienically maintaining the brown sugar price.
    • It is a good source of iron and calcium that encourages healthy living.

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  • M.R.P: 98 (Inclusive of all taxes)
    • HealthFields Organic jaggery cubes are healthy and filling
    • Organic jaggery cubes are typically used to add flavor to beverages such as tea, coffee, milkshakes, sabji, and dal
    • It is a healthy sugar substitute that is cultivated naturally without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.
    • In dishes and beverages, jaggery can take the place of refined white sugar. A delicious representation of our great Indian is jaggery Desi Gud.
    • Magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and proteins are abundant in jaggery, which is rich in; our product is organic and devoid of chemicals.
    • Mineral-rich, iron, and calcium-rich sugar replacement that is more wholesome and delectable.
    • Refrigerated storage is required.
    • Due to its naturally low glycaemic index, it has a more slow influence on blood sugar levels.

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  • M.R.P: 80160 (Inclusive of all taxes)
    • Organic sugar is chemical-free, unbleached, and without any additives and is physically extracted from liquid jaggery.
    • It is excellent for baking and for preparing sweets and beverages that are delightful.
    • No Sulfur, No Bleaching Agents, Chemical-Free as Naturally Retained Molasses
    • Without the use of fertilizers or pesticides
    • A beneficial alternative to non-organic sweeteners that is also nutritious.
    • Since no chemicals are introduced to the bleaching process, the product is naturally off-white and free of gluten.

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