Organic Jowar Atta | Sorghum Atta – 500Gm

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  • Jowar atta is one of the best sources of dietary fiber.
  • Brings you a nutritious selection of flours derived from India’s certified organic farms.
  • Dietary fiber, which is present in healthy foods in some quantity and greatly enhances the digestive system’s performance.
  • Sorghum flour is a rich source of vitamin D, amino acids, and calcium.
  • Our gluten free atta is wholesome and nutrient-rich, making it perfect for fitness enthusiasts.
  • It can be combined with other gluten-free flour or used alone to create delectable bread, pizza dough, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods.
  • Rich with minerals and high in nutrients, with less gluten than processed foods.
  • One of the greatest options for baking weight loss snacks is a healthier alternative for producing nutritious morning meals.
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One of the best sources of dietary fiber is jowar (sorghum). It appears that many nutritious foods contain some dietary fiber, which significantly enhances the digestive system’s performance. Processed, hygienically packed, and cleaned. Jowar atta is high in antioxidants and free of gluten. You could find that this is the best option for you this summer.

Sorghum flour is preferred over other flours because it is higher in protein and is simpler to digest. A gluten-free substitute for cooking parathas, cakes, cookies, bread, and other baked goods. Organic jowar atta is made from the highest quality jowar grains that are sourced from certified organic sources all throughout India. It is a good source of iron, fiber, protein, and healthy carbohydrates.

One of the top five healthiest grains in the world, jowar is considered on the list. Due to its gluten-free status and the other health advantages it offers, jowar ka atta, often known as sorghum flour in English, has recently gained popularity as the “new quinoa.”

Because of its high fiber content, it lowers LDL (bad cholesterol), which lowers the risk of cardiac illnesses, including stroke. Food items that are made from wheat and barley have natural gluten in them. If people who are sensitive to gluten had such food items, it may cause intestinal issues.

Therefore, jowar, a gluten-free atta, can be an excellent alternative for people who have a gluten allergy. Bloating, discomfort, cramps, and other digestive issues can be triggered easily by gluten intolerance.

HealthFields wants to motivate individuals to embrace a wholesome lifestyle by supplying high-quality organic products all around the world. We provide a vast selection of goods that not only give your cuisine flavor but also boast outstanding medical uses.

Our fundamental conviction is only to provide goods that we, ourselves, are willing to consume without a shred of doubt regarding their quality. Stone-ground grains are used to make HealthFields organic sorghum flour. This flour’s high fiber content improves both nutrition and flavor.

Health Benefits Of Organic Jowar Atta On Diet

  • For those with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, jowar is a great substitute.
  • Jowar is regarded as a fantastic option for diabetics and people trying to lose weight.
  • Because it is high in fiber, jowar makes you feel full after eating it, which helps you eat less overall.
  • Magnesium is abundant in jowar, which further enhances the body’s absorption of calcium and preserves bone health.
  • Including or combining jowar with foods high in vitamin C will raise hemoglobin levels.
  • Copper and iron are abundant in jowar, and both of these elements are essential for promoting blood circulation.

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